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Monthly Reports on Debt Issuance Under the Temporary Liquidity ...
May 20, 2009 . Debt Issuance Under Guarantee Program. (dollar figures in millions) April 30, 2009, Number, Debt Outstanding, Cap1, Debt Outstanding Share .

Floating-Rate Debt Faces a Liquidity Issue - The Bond Buyer Article
May 21, 2010 . Municipalities with floating-rate debt, especially those with lower bond ratings, are likely to face high costs to renew their liquidity facilities this .

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TEXT-Fitch:EMEA corp debt issuance balances liquidity & solvency ...
Oct 31, 2011 . Oct 31- Fitch Ratings says that EMEA corporates are mostly striking a healthy balance between building cash resources whilst maintaining core .

METRO GROUP - Debt Capital Market
For long-term funding the Debt Issuance Programme launched in 2000 is . METRO GROUP has access to an appropriate liquidity reserve at all times so the .

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Fitch Rates Sprint Nextel's $2B Debt Issuance - MarketWatch
Feb 27, 2012 . The $2 billion debt issuance takes another step toward reducing medium-term refinancing risk and fortifying Sprint Nextel's liquidity position .

The impact of market liquidity in times of stress on corporate bond ...
This paper shows that bond size is a liquidity factor, at least for some corporate debt, and that both pricing and issuance are impacted by market liquidity. 1.

Mar 14, 2012 . liquidity to primary dealer banks handling Singapore dollar debt issuance for. foreign corporates. Second, he said, MAS would partner the .

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Regional Municipality of Niagara 'AA' Ratings Affirmed On Strong ...
Feb 2, 2012 . liquidity will not decline materially and that debt issuance will not significantly exceed our expectations within the two-year rating horizon.

Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program: FDIC Interim Rule
The FDIC's Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (the TLG Program), which guarantees certain senior unsecured debt issued by eligible banking institutions .

Stock Market Liquidity and the Long-run Stock Performance of Debt ...
Sep 30, 2010 . We model the debt issuance choice as a function of stock market liquidity and a battery of control variables and find that liquidity is a significant .

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Co-ordinated public debt issuance in the euro areae. Report of the ...
Nov 8, 2000 . The views of the Group on the benefits of more co-ordinated debt issuance were mixed. Some pointed to liquidity premia and problems of .

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Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program - Wikipedia, the free ...
. of the Debt Guarantee Program was to provide liquidity to . guarantee all newly-issued senior unsecured debt up to .

Liquidity and Debt Management Co ordination in Hungary ...
Oct 26, 2010 . Liquidity and Debt Management. Co ordination in Hungary ordination in Hungary . Laszlo Buzas. Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Co-ordination .

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5. Liquidity of the underlying debt market influences debt issuance in foreign currencies. Markets with greater liquidity reduce transactions costs in financing.

Funding Transactions under the FDIC's Temporary Guarantee ...
program, the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP), designed, together . in the Program includes all newly issued unsecured senior debt, including: .

Liquidity Risk and the Macroeconomic Costs of Financial Crises
and issue a mix of demandable and maturity-matched debt that optimally balances the lower interest rate on demandable debt against the liquidity .

Training Courses>Money markets liquidity & bonds
Training Courses>Money markets liquidity & bonds . market conditions has completely altered assumptions about money markets, liquidity and debt issuance.

Liquidity Management At Lehman Brothers
Liquidity pool reporting. Short-term liquidity outflow projections. Debt issuance: short-term and long-term. Equity planning: including hybrid equity. Cash capital .

Cost of Debt - Key Points -010311x
the index, 10% of their debt issued each year would be insufficient to meet capital markets liquidity criteria of minimum issuance of c£200m. Further, in recent .

Tom Hyde - United Kingdom | LinkedIn
Debt issuance, liquidity risk management, transfer pricing, money markets, foreign exchange . Led execution on USD benchmark senior debt transactions .

Liquidity and Growth: the Role of Government Debt
Mar 25, 2012 . the panel structure of the data. First, I decompose government debt into a liquidity and placebo component according to the place of issuance .

Overcoming barriers to liquidity; securitization, Sukuk, promoting ...
bid-ask spread, while debt issued by lesser known borrowers suffers from lack of liquidity, resulting in a higher bid-ask spread. The size of the international bond .

Goldman Sachs | Our Divisions - Finance
Their responsibilities include managing liquidity risk, long-term debt issuance and share repurchases and dividends; assessing the creditworthiness of the firm's .

Stock Market Liquidity and the Long-Run Stock Performance of Debt ...
Sep 28, 2005 . market liquidity than size and book-to-market matched counterparts, and . 2 The timing of debt issues could also be related to current or future .

Government Debt Issuance in the Euro Area: The Impact of the ...
shorter maturities. Not considering Treasury bills mainly issued for liquidity purposes,6 the increase in short-term debt issuances was especially pronounced in .

Endogenous Liquidity Supply1
lower pecuniary rate as private debt also provides liquidity services. In this model , financial intermediaries issue short term debt to capture this liquidity yield; .

Liquidity trap | Macro Exposure
Mar 22, 2012. worth doing, even when taking account of the debt issue. I won't . This is not the case in a depressed economy, which is in a liquidity trap.

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Does the Liquidity of a Debt Issue Increase with Its Size? Evidence ...
Crabbe, Leland E. and Christopher M. Turner, "Does the Liquidity of a Debt Issue Increase with Its Size? Evidence from the Corporate Bond and Medium-Term .

Deloitte: Re?nancing, Debt Markets and Liquidity - Australian ...
2 Current Debt Markets. 2.1 Current Outstanding CGS Issuances. 2.2 Current Outstanding Corporate Debt BBB+. 2.3 Potential Market Issuances and Liquidity .

issuance reduces the cost of debt. I examine global bond liquidity and transaction prices in secondary markets, and relate the cost advantage of global bonds to .

Liquidity, Money and Credit | Doug Noland | Safehaven.com
Nov 14, 2003 . Many have averred that this is indicative of faltering liquidity. . And, importantly, there is continued strong debt issuance (especially for risky .

MAS to develop & boost liquidity in Singapore's capital markets ...
Mar 14, 2012 . MAS to develop & boost liquidity in Singapore's capital markets . liquidity to primary dealer banks handling Singapore dollar debt issuance for .

Information for Debt Investors - Investor Relations - Raiffeisen Bank ...
Debt Issuance Programmes · Covering Debt Analysts . of the communal liquidity balancing system, with RZB acting as interface for the liquidity reserves held by .

Introduction and Approach
It establishes guidelines to ensure that existing and proposed debt issues are . ( iv) Managing the structure and maturity profile of debt to meet liquidity .

Day 2 - National Asset-Liability Management - Africa
Dec 2, 2011 . This panel will consider the challenges of raising funds in international markets and maintaining liquidity for the issued debt. Moderator: .


-- Posted: March 20, 2000




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Market liquidity as a sentiment indicator
We build a model that helps to explain why increases in liquidity—such as lower . following a rule of thumb that involves issuing when the SEO market is . ( 2002) document a declining maturity of new debt issues prior to this period, leading .

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